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Natural Healing for Body and Mind

Simple, Effective and Authentic

Jikiden Reiki & Reflexology

Reiki Durham

It is a method for
the improvement of body

and mind...

Reiki Durham

Take a look at our great range of treatments and services...

Reiki Durham

There are 2 courses available. Check out course dates and venues...

Reiki Durham

Reflexology is an ancient therapy based on the principle that each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body...

Hello and welcome. I’m Carole Dawson, a specialist in Reiki and Reflexology with a wealth of natural health experience which has been growing since 1988.

I provide authentic Japanese Reiki training with The Jikiden Reiki Institute and also Reiki and Reflexology treatments.

I would love to help you re-awaken your natural healing ability or simply improve your health &

well-being with treatments for body & mind.

Established 1990

Reiki Durham not be angry

Just for today

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