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Jikiden Reiki for Natural Healing

The Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan has established fixed fees for each country. Fees may vary between countries based on local economy. The intention is that people in more affluent countries pay the equivalent of the price in Japan, whilst people in developing countries pay a lower price in accordance with their economy.


Each Jikiden Reiki teacher has fulfilled the requirements and has gained the experience necessary to teach. Therefore no one teacher is seen as better than another and Jikiden teachers will charge the amount specified for the country they are teaching in. The fees reflect the quality and quantity of information in the courses, the knowledge and experience of the teachers and the value of Jikiden Reiki.


Most students take Shoden and Okuden as a 3 day course. All prices include: teaching, Reiju (attunements), treatment textbooks, handouts, registration with the Institute , an English certificate and a wonderful hand-written Japanese certificate.

Repeat Cost



Shoden & Okuden


Jikiden Shoden


2 days

1 day

3 days







Once you have completed the training once, you can repeat the course as often as you like at a discounted rate (see above). It is not a requirement to repeat the training unless you would like to become a teacher of Jikiden Reiki. Repeating is however part of the Japanese tradition of studying Reiki, and we recommend it for the opportunity  to receive more Reiju and to return to the theory and consolidate your understanding of Reiki once you have gained some experience.


Courses held in various venues in the North-East of England throughout the year. 

Tadao Yamaguchi has published a book “Light on the origins of Reiki” which you may want to read. It is  available on Amazon

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